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SSi Canada Contracts SES’s Newest Satellite FP-2022-04-28
Northern internet company secures new satellite to fix shortage CBC-2021-01-26
SSi/QINIQ spreads holiday cheer to Nunavut charities NN-12-22-2022
Government must allow more competition in Northern telecoms eld, internet executives urge GNWT YK-2020-12-09
Customers can request Northwestel’s unlimit- ed internet packages on Dec. 1 YK-2020-11-24
CRTC grants interim approval for Northwestel’s unlimited plans CR-2020-11-24
CRTC wants to hear from northerners about Northwestel NN-2020-11-13
Due to funding woes, Nunavut internet provider faces “serious risk” NN-2020-11-06
SSi Micro/Qiniq warns of higher internet charges if federal subsidy doesn’t resume NN-2020-11-05
Senator, service provider warn of crisis in Nunavut over internet access, affordability GM-2020-11-05
SSi Micro’s filing to CRTC delays Northwestel’s roll out of unlimited internet in NWT communities YK-2020-11-03
Northwestel ‘Trying to pull a fast one’ with unlimited plans: SSi Micro MY-2020-11-03
Nunavut needs federal broadband internet funding, says senator NQ-2020-10-30
Citing CRTC delay, Northwestel pushes back unlimited plans CR-2020-10-29
Canada’s post-pandemic spending should give a boost … NQ-2020-09-20
Where’s the faster internet? Nunavut senator blasts Northwestel for holding near monopoly CBC-08-24-2020
Mackenzie Valley Fibre Line not living up to expectations, experts say CBC-2020-06-25
Northwestel seeking permanent internet usage increases NQ-2020-06-22
SSi Micro rebrands as SSi Canada CA-2020-06-17
Nunavut’s telecom network may face a meltdown from overuse, ISP warns NQ-2020-03-24
Qiniq, SSi Micro ask customers to conserve data NQ-2020-03-18
Nunavut’s telecom network may face a meltdown from overuse, ISP warns NQ-2020-03-24
A notice to QINIQ internet and SSi Mobile customers – COVID 19 SSI-2020-03-24
Qiniq, SSi Micro ask customers to conserve data to avoid network congestion NN-2020-03-18
SSi and Rogers Announce Roaming Agreement NQ-2019-07-22
SSi’s Nunavut mobile phone customers can now roam on Rogers NQ-2019-07-23
Northwestel clarifies stance on access to Nunavut internet bandwidth NQ-2019-01-03
For the 1st time, all Nunavut communities have cell service CBC-2018-12-31
SSi Micro partners with Rogers, says it’ll improve cell, internet service across North CBC-2018-12-11
SSi Micro, Rogers Team Up for Improved Wireless Connectivity in Canada’s North IC-2018-12-11
SSi, Rogers team up to improve network in Northern Canada MS-2018-12-11
Rogers Support to Improve Internet in the North MYN-2018-12-11
SSi works with Rogers to boost wireless connectivity in Canada’s North CA-2018-12-11
Company says it can recycle heat to reduce energy costs for N.W.T. communities CBC-2018-12-10
SSi Micro takes aim at telecom giant’s Nunavut subsidiaries NO-2018-11-19
SSi Micro launching mobile services in Iqaluit NQ-2018-09-21
Local Talent Needs a Shared Backbone and Open Gateways – Presentation to Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology SSI-2018-02-06
SSi Micro spills details on new Nunavut cellphone plans NO-2018-02-02
Competitive cell service coming to all Nunavut … CBC-2019-09-19
Ottawa gives Northwestel $50 million to improve Nunavut internet NO-2017-09-15
Here’s why internet access in Canada’s north is so expensive VN-2017-03-15
Northwestel abusing CRTC process: competitor YN-2017-02-24
CRTC sets fast new internet targets … NO-2017-01-03
CRTC ruling will improve internet … CBC-2016-12-13
CRTC orders Northwestel to reassess pricing … CBC-2016-11-16
Canada’s Great Digital Divide: Telecom race … NP-2016-09-16
The Restless Brain UM-2016-07-07
CRTC challenges Xplornet over Internet access in rural regions GM-2016-04-13
Nunavut plagued by high-cost, low-speed Internet, CRTC hears GM-2016-04-12
Nunavut weighs in at CRTC hearings on broadband internet CBC-2016-04-12
Will Nunavut’s satellite internet service upgrades … CBC-2016-01-20
Telecom expands throughout territory NNSL-2015-09-26
SSi Announces $75 Million Investment into Nunavut’s Broadband Future AJ-2015-09-23
SSi Micro struggling to uphold its position in the territory NNSL-2015-08-12
Access denied: Another blow for SSi Micro EM-2015-08-10
SSi Micro lands web bid NNSL-2015-07-13
Ottawa funding preserves internet for 25 Nunavut communities NQ-2015-07-08
SSi Micro Wins Big $35 Million From Feds EYK-2015-07-07
SSI Micro teams up with Inuit org on new radio service NQ-2015-06-18
Online Scammers Target Qiniq Users in Western Nunavut NQ-2015-06-15
Telesat under CRTC investigation NNSL-2015-04-20
CRTC to review Nunavut, N.W.T., Yukon satellite internet pricing CBC-2015-04-14
CRTC cuts data rates YK-2015-03-11
Northwestel rival calls foul NNSL-2014-11-11
Technology ‘puts Inuit in driver’s seat’ NNSL-2014-04-12
Connecting with northern students LON-2014-04-09
A Digital Bridge For Connecting Canada’s North ITC-2014-04-07
Video technology could improve Nunavut education, mental health NQ-2014-04-03
Students in Nunavut connect with Cisco’s TelePresence ITW-2014-04-02
Nunavut to bring tele-psychiatry to remote communities CBC-2014-04-02
Internet service competition heats up … NJ-2014-03-10
Faster Internet promised NNSL-2014-02-14
Federal budget a technological snoozer, but a few changes worth noting CDNB-2014-02-12
Ottawa comforts Nunavut internet users, punishes smokers NQ-2014-02-12
Internet provider Qiniq pays out $128K after overcharging CBC-2014-02-12
CRTC settles competition battle YK-2013-02-27
SSI Micro scoffs at Northwestel’s modernization plan NQ-2013-02-08
Qiniq announces higher-speed internet across Nunavut NQ2-2013-02-08
It’s time for movement on Arctic telecoms NQ-2012-10-25
Nunavut telecom players call for government action NQ-2012-09-28
Telecommunications companies in North battle over public cash CBC-2012-07-30
NorthwesTel plan slammed NNSL-2012-07-25
Competitor offers ‘reality check’ on Northwestel’s modernization plan Cartt-2012-07-24
BCE’s northern rivals slam telecom modernization plan GM-2012-07-09
Nunavut’s Qiniq gets bandwidth boost from Ottawa handout NQ-2012-06-08
Nunavut communities seek cellphone service CBC-2012-05-24
SSi Micro looking to customers to put pressure on NorthwesTel HQY-2012-02-23
SSI Micro rallies customer support NNSL-2012-02-22
Internet speeds to triple at schools NNSL-2012-02-20
Ottawa dollars add pep to Nunavut school Internet links NQ-2012-02-14
The North’s Toll Highway CBC-2012-02-10
Justify pricing, CRTC says NNSL-2012-01-11
Northwestel to CRTC: we are ready to compete NQ-2011-12-16
CRTC kills Northwestel’s monopoly YN-2011-12-16
CRTC opens up telecom competition in the north ITW-2011-12-15
CRTC opens North to local phone competition WStar-2011-12-14
Competition makes NorthwesTel Irrelevant GL-2011-12-14
NorthwesTel loses monopoly on phone service in the north HQY-2011-12-14
CRTC allows local phone service competition in the North NQ-2011-12-14
Jeff Philipp, SSI Micro PK-2011-12-01
SSi Micro Seeks to Offer Local Phone Service CBC-2011-10-14
Nunavut Phone, Internet Blackout Prompts Review CBC-2011-10-08
Long-Distance Calling Gadgets Unveiled in Nunavut NNSL-2011-10-07
Satellite Malfunction Shuts Down Communications Across Territory NQ-2011-10-06
Service Being Restored After Satellite Outage Disrupts … GM-2011-10-06
CRTC to Open Hearing on Northern Phone Rates ITW-2011-10-03
SSi Micro Vs. Goliath UH-2011-09-28
CRTC Considers Northern Phone Competition HQY-2011-09-26
CRTC to Rule on SSi Complaint Against NorthwestTel HQY-2011-09-23
CRTC Reviews Telecommunications Competition Rules NNSL-2011-09-05
NorthwestTel Says Competition Would Drive Up Northerners … CBC-2011-10-18
SSi Micro Accuses Northwestel of Discriminatory Pricing NNSL-2011-07-27
The North’s Digital Leaders UH-2011-02
Up Here Business’ 3rd Annual List … UH-2010-12-03
For some, Internet Defines Freedom ADN-2010-10-14
Internet File Sharing NNSL-2010-09-24
Nunavut Broadband Development Corporation NBDC-2010-03-17
Qiniq network gets more broadband NNSL-2009-12-14
Investments in broadband infrastructure allow for inclusive … LQ-2009-12-03
SSi buys Kanata property, building new satellite antenna OBJ-2009-09-09
Internet or Internot? UH-2009-09-09
SSi Wins Web Contract NNSL-2009-08-26
Building The Arctic GM-2009-08-16
QINIQ Network Gets Federal Money NSSL-2009-02-23
SSI Micro Improve Bandwidth Utilization SND-2008-10-17
SSI Micro Network Upgrade OBJ-2008-10-16
SSi Micro 2008 Web Award PR-2008-09-16
Broadband Expansion PR-2008-08-30
Feds Pump Money into Northern Internet service CBC-2008-08-29
Northerners to Benefit from Better Internet NB-2008-08-29
Broadband Entrepreneur bridges the Arctic Wilderness OBJ-2007-05-07
Qiniq ready to surf the next level NQ-2007-03-30
Internet Providers network in Yellowknife NNSL-2007-03-12
North experiencing quiet tech revolution BE-2007-03-06
NWT Goes Broadband NNSL-2007-02-09
Network Launched in South Pacific PR-2006-11-22
Kiribati OBJ-2006-10-05
Computer Broadband Deal signed PR-2005-01-03
Broadband wireless internet a boost for Iqaluit PR-2004-02-25
Wireless Broadband Creeps North PR-2004-02-16
New Internet Service, a First in Canada TS-2004-02-13
NextNet Supplies Inukshuk U-2004-02-13
Yellowknife firm launching new Internet service GM-2004-02-12
Yellowknife computer company in Africa NSSL-2004-01-28
Broadband plan moves forward NBDC-2003-05-28
SSI Micro delivers satellite internet to Canada PR-2002-04-24
SSI Micro Delivers Turbo-Charged Internet over Satellite PR-2002-04-23
Computer firm moving on PR-2000-12-08
Arctic Logic makes sense NNSL-1999-04-12
SSI Micro prepares librarians for new … PR-1999-03-26
Deh Cho goes on-line PR-1999-02-15
Call of the Wired Wired-1997-11-05
I-Pass Expands ‘Roaming’ Net Access Wired-1997-04-18