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SSi Canada Partners with SES Networks to Deliver New Satellite Capacity into Northern Canada SSI-2020-01-18
Internet Across Nunavut at Serious Risk SSi-2020-11-05
SSi Canada Applauds Government’s Support for Clean Energy and Technology SSi-2020-09-24
SSi Canada News Release SSi-2020-06-16
SSi and Rogers Announce Roaming Agreement SSi-2019-07-22
SSi Micro applauds budget SSi-2019-03-20
SSi and Rogers Team Up to Improve Service SSi-2018-12-11
SSi Mobile Lowers Usage Rates SSi-2018-11-15
SSi Micro Wins National Award for SSi Mobile SSi-2018-10-19
SSi Mobile Launches in Iqaluit SSi-2018-09-19
SSi Mobile Wins Startup Canada Award SSi-2018-05-29
SSi Launches Affordable Mobile Voice and Data Services in Nunavut SSi-2018-02-01
SSi Partners with Canada C3 to Make Communications History SSi-2017-07-26
SSi Submits Intervention to CRTC re: Development of New Broadband Funding Regime SSi-2017-06-28
SSi Stresses Critical Priorities for New CRTC Broadband Fund SSi-2017-06-28
SSi’s Game Changer for Northern Connectivity SSi-2017-05-17
SSi Stands Firm for Consumers’ Rights … NR-2017-02-22
SSi Supports CRTC’s Universal Service Objective SSi-2016-12-22
SSi Micro applauds Canada’s new Connect to Innovate program SSi-2016-12-15
Backbone Redundancy for Nunavut Communities SSi-2016-11-24
Hope and Concern for Telecoms Competition … NR-2016-11-15
SSi selects Star Solutions to supply its 4G-LTE … NR-2016-10-26
Kanata North’s telecom heart still beats strong OBJ-2016-10-24
SSi Selects D-Link Wireless Gateway … NR-2016-10-20
Nunavut’s internet is slow, expensive and unreliable WE-2016-07-27
Press Release: Kitikmeot Radio Network (KRN) PR-2016-07-12
News Release: Broadband is a Must-Have PR-2016-02-01
SSi Announces $75 Million Investment into Nunavut’s Broadband Future SSi-2015-09-23
SSi Wins Customer Service Award of Excellence SSi-2014-10-27
SSi Broadband: Fighting for more usage, lower cost, greater choice. PR-2014-03-04
SSi applauds federal budget PR-2014-02-12
Making it Right: SSi responds to the CRTC decision on Northwestel … PR-2013-02-25
Neither modern nor holistic: SSi intervention to the CRTC’s holistic … PR-2013-02-06
SSi responds to Northwestel’s “modernization” plan PR-2012-07-23
Improved broadband plans for QINIQ PR-2012-06-04
An open letter to all northern internet users PR-2012-03-08
CRTC Rules in Favour of Choice and Innovation for Canada’s North PR-2011-12-14
SSi Family Day PR-2010-02-11
Investments in broadband infrastructure allow for inclusive … PR-2009-12-03
Qiniq Upgrade Announced PR-2009-12-03
QINIQ Network Gets Boost SSi-2012-06-04
Possible Service Interuptions For QINIQ Customers PR-2007-08-03
Nunavut Broadband Meets in YK PR-2007-03-06
SSI Micro successfully completes Phase I of National Voice … PR-2006-10-26
SSI Micro works alongside South Pacific Telco … PR-2006-10-05
Tragic Accident in Enterprise, NT PR-2005-10-28
Nunavut launches the Largest, Coolest Hot Spot on Earth PR-2005-05-26
For ‘Affordable Wireless Underserved’ 2005 Award PR-2005-01-05
Broadband wireless internet a boost for Iqaluit PR-2004-02-25
SSI Micro Launches New Portal Site PR2-2002-10-05
SSI Micro is pleased to announce the launch of the SSI Portal PR-2002-10-05
SSI Micro Delivers Turbo-Charged internet over Satellite PR-2002-04-23
SSI Micro is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement … PR-2001-01-28