Custom Solutions

With over 30 years’ experience, SSi has earned a reputation for highly innovative and complete turn-key telecommunications solutions. We handle all aspects of the project and deliver world class efficient networks deploying state-of-the-art technologies. As pioneers developing remote-area connectivity in Canada’s North, we design, build and operate advanced satellite, broadband and mobile wireless solutions and understand first-hand the challenges faced in providing effective and affordable communications services to remote areas.

SSi builds custom telecommunications solutions with several types of partners:

Local and regional Indigenous organizations

Communities and municipalities

Businesses requiring high-throughput solutions in remote areas

Enterprise clients requiring connectivity for many users

TurnKey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Whether your project requires a network backbone using satellite, microwave, or fibre, and wired or wireless last mile distribution community coverage, our solutions team can offer:

  • Business case development
  • Market analysis
  • Site visits, site analysis and infrastructure needs assessment
  • RF coverage analysis
  • Community consultations
  • Complete network design and engineering
  • Wireless spectrum licensing
  • Local interconnection (LNI)
  • CLEC services and regulatory support
  • Software development
  • Back-end administrative services
  • Billing and provisioning platform
  • Community service provider recruitment and training
  • Retail product development
  • Marketing and promotional services
  • Product logistics management
  • Customer care and technical support
  • Ongoing network management and technical support
Network Operations
NOC Screen

Network Operations

The SSi network operations centre (NOC), based in Ottawa, controls and manages the networks we build on a 24/7 basis. The SSi NOC:

  • Perform routine system checks to monitor and respond to any network issues
  • Supports all SSi network components, from our satellite backbone to our voice trunks and LTE network
  • Supports the customer care team
  • Collaborates directly with the SSi engineering teams
  • Coordinates and executes planned routine maintenance
  • Works directly with local agents to coordinate troubleshooting and repair work on SSi’s remote sites as needed, to ensure uptime and a quick response
Software Development


SSi specializes in designing and adapting cutting-edge software for remote markets. Building our own software ensures we streamline the features we need and focus on efficiency of design to meet the needs and, as is often the case, data limitations in remote satellite served communities.

A prime example is our proprietary billing and management system developed to track and administer every aspect of internet and mobile user accounts. The system monitors and reports items such as detection of damaged hardware, usage tracking, network speed, user bandwidth limits, adjustable download speed settings per user, roaming, automated account suspensions and renewals.

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