Company Culture

Company Culture

At SSi we believe in:

Empowering the lives of people in remote communities.

Integrity. Doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Curiosity. We are relentlessly curious and forever challenging the status quo.

We strive for a healthy work-life balance.

Our Mission is to design, build and deliver innovative communications and energy solutions to enable thriving communities.

SSi truly is one big family.

The vibe when walking through one of the SSi offices is charged with personality, energy, efficiency and a healthy dose of humour. Visitors will notice the unique array of footwear, slippers and out of this world socks, a significant indicator of how much just being yourself is encouraged at SSi! The SSi culture celebrates frequently and recognizes there is much to be celebrated.

Team building activities and nods to the various cultural influences of both our business and our employees are common and effortless. We are proud of our vibrant Clubhouses and full kitchens in our Yellowknife and Ottawa locations. These are our main gathering spots for great conversations, (mostly) funny jokes, and more often than not, something fresh baking in the oven. They are our social centres, our places to congregate, share ideas and of course have a visit with the office dogs!

SSi Canada Celebrations

  • – Easter
  • – Eid
  • – Halloween
  • – Diwali
  • – Christmas
  • – Birthdays
  • – Potlucks
  • – Nunavut Day
  • – Rememberance Day
  • – National Indigenous People’s Day
  • – Many more

Think Green

Think Green

At SSi Canada, we truly care about the environment.

SSi is thinking about the future and is committed to running our company with a strong eco-conscience. We are always open to new ideas from our employees as to how we can do better.

Our commitment includes recycling, re-using and re-thinking our processes as well as our purchases. We focus efforts towards energy efficiency wherever we can, and we adapt to the ever-changing landscape of sustainability.

At SSi, we have spent a lot of time looking at ways to become eco-friendlier. As a result, our staff have adopted new practices and knowledge. We hope that our actions will motivate and inspire others to think about how their choices effect the environment. Smart people make smart changes.

Visit Arctic Energy Alliance. They offer tips and examples of what other Northern residents and businesses are doing to make a difference.

Awareness is a huge step towards change. Visit informational sites such as World Wildlife Fund Canada or National Geographic to stay on top of what’s happening in our world.

Empowering Communities
Through Passion-Driven Solutions

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